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Welcome to our garden. Welcome to our community. Welcome to our Haven.

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The WSSD Community Garden was proposed by MaryJo Yannacone, Ed.D., Principal of Strath Haven High School, as a means of developing the students and staff of Strath Haven High School as members of a community dedicated to environmental education, interdisciplinary studies, the arts, and inclusivity of all segments of the educational landscape. We are seeking funding sources for our Community Garden, and are very appreciative of the WSSD Educational Foundation for helping us to bring our vision forward!


A design subcommittee will explore the manner in which all types of community members will interact with the garden. They have discussed wheelchair accessibility, educational opportunities for meditation and painting and drawing intensives, and aesthetic considerations. Their focus is the accessibility and enjoyment of the garden for all ages and types of community members.

Planting & Harvesting

The Planting and Harvesting subcommittee, comprised of a diverse group of students, administrators, and staff, is focused on what types of plantings to utilize, aesthetic, environmental, and educational. They are discussing the seasonal opportunities for beauty and harvesting for use in our cooking classes and lunchroom.

Promotion & Logistics

The Promotion and Logistics subcommittee, comprised of technology and administration professionals, is planning a website, logo, and funding proposal. This group will also develop an online scheduler for the maintenance of the garden. Please consider donating a picket to help our garden grow.

Coming Soon... A mobile Android Application!